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Welcome on the website of S.I. Zwartz B.V. and Zwartz Laminating – Converting B.V., a textile and laminating company which produces various products for business to business markets since 1835.

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Zwartz Laminating-Converting B.V.

With more than 25 years of experience and several machines with a maximum width of 250 cm, we are capable to meet many different laminating and coating requirements. We own three different laminating and coating techniques. With the Calender machine, Hotmelt machine and in 2012 new added flatbed machine we can process your orders in the best possible way. By means of those state-of-the-art technologies we are able to process several materials types of glue. We can process materials roll-to-roll as well as roll-to-sheet and sheet-to-sheet.

Together with our customers we make custom-made products on contract work basis or through materials supplied bus us, that makes us a reliable partner in the field of product development. Due to the diversity we are able to operate in many market segments  such as home, sport, medical, protection (personal and heat), technical, automotive, composites etc.

Specials requests regarding rolling, cutting, inspection and finishing (punching) can also be fulfilled by us. The following pages are a reflection of the possible materials and products which we can laminate and coat.