Mattress protectors


The Optinop® is a registered brand name, under which we sell our anti slippery mattress protectors. The Optinop® is a polyester mattress protector which is provided on one side with thousands of everlasting dots. These dots prevent the mattress from slipping. The Optinop® is dust-free, has a great air permeability and can be washed on 60°C.


This felt contains at least 85% jute and can be used under every mattress on every type of bed. The protector is seamed and provided with a nice white layer. Dust-free, easy to use and with great ventilation due to the absence of foil.


The Boxtinop® is a registered brandname and developed to prevent the slipping of the top mattress of a boxspring bed. The material has anti slippery dots on both sides. A head board of foot board are not necessary to keep your mattress in place, nor with adjustable beds. The Boxtinop® is available in various sizes and can be washed on 60°C.


Fire retardant textile is very important, especially in the shipping-, hotel- and leisure industry. The Ferro is a fire retardant mattress protector and meets the standard EN ISO 12952. Washable at 60°C.

Molton in several versions

Eco de Luxe: 380 g/m², unbleached cotton, no shrink age and washable at 60°C
Standard: 210 g/m², cotton, double roughened and washable at 60°C
Topper – Splittopper : 210 g/m², cotton, double roughened and washable  at 60°C
Stretch: 200 g/m², stretch cotton and washable at 60°C
Waterproof: 190 g/m², waterproof cotton, washable at 95°C
Pillowcase: 210 g/m², cotton, zipper and washable at 60°C